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How retailers are adapting to the digital future via a 3D virtual tour

The challenges of 2020 have brought about transformational changes in all sectors across the world.

matterport 3d blog
matterport 3d blog

Last year, we all found ways to do business a little differently. As the impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the world, businesses and people have adapted to a more virtual lifestyle.

For many companies, this shift acted as a catalyst, advancing digital transformation efforts that were already underway. When we look to the future of retail, it's clear that success lies in the ability of businesses to embrace technology and adapt to consumer needs.

A consumer survey, combined with research spanning multiple retail sectors, revealed key trends for the future of enterprise facilities management and e-commerce, including

  1. More strategic roles are beginning to emerge for facility managers to meet the challenges of today's brick-and-mortar spaces.
  2. Consumers appreciate the convenience of shopping online, but they don't feel like they're having an in-store experience.
  3. The use of technology will be essential to create a immersive 360 experience for consumers.
    By using the technology of 3D real estate visit innovative Matterport Montreal, retailers have already begun to adapt to these trends and are engaging consumers in new and exciting ways.

If consumers of Quebec express a significant interest in the use of this 3D technology in their daily purchases, companies that use these tools are already reaping many commercial benefits:

  1. Faster time to market. Streamlined the process of building, remodeling and revamping retail sites through the use of 3D virtual tour.
  2. Improved documentation and inventory management. Master maintenance issues and train employees on new processes more easily than ever.
  3. Data preview. Extract a wealth of information to improve marketing efforts, optimize inventory and increase revenue.

3D technology is already making waves in all sectors, both for consumers and for businesses in Quebec. However, there is still room to grow as technology continues to evolve and transform the retail experience.