virtual tour Montreal
Our 360 cameras "see" everything and capture reality as it is. It is your responsibility to be very diligent and ensure that the entire captured area is presented in its best light. Please prepare the site for the arrival of the technician in virtual tour by following the checklist below.


  • Doors that lead between areas of interest must remain open for the virtual tour, all other doors must be closed.
  • Turn on ALL interior lights including lamps, under counter lights and stove lights.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs.
  • Open all curtains and blinds on windows with a good view.
  • If the blinds are down, make sure they are all open at the same angle.
  • Hide any personal photos, artwork, jewelry, or anything sensitive that you don't want to see.
  • Leave the doors open to the rooms you want to be part of the virtual tour and close the doors to the rooms you don't want to access.
  • Conceal cords as much as possible. Unplug them from the wall if necessary (except lights).
  • Turn off all TVs or place the TV on a single image screen (such as a brand image or logo).
  • Hide any clutter.
  • Let us know if there are any isolated rooms/suites that are not accessible from inside, but should be included in the virtual tour.


  • Doors leading between areas of interest should remain open, all other doors should be closed.
  • Move all staff/owner vehicles out of the driveway and park away from the property to be captured.
  • Place garbage cans out of sight.
  • Straighten outdoor furniture.
  • Buildings visible from the outside must have all lights on.
  • Cut the grass and remove any weeds from the cracks in the concrete.
  • Schedule any seasonal landscaping or gardening work just before filming.
  • If the photographer 360 runs during business hours, ensure guests are informed and out of the area.