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Are you an agent or a future real estate buyer? Do you want to be able to visit the house or apartment without having to move?

Are you a busy salesperson who doesn't have time to show visitors your house or apartment? This represents for you a weak point and a drawback which delays the sale of your property?

Are you in Montreal and you want to be able to find a marketing strategy that will make life easier for everyone: real estate agent, seller and buyer? A strategy that will save you time and showcase your property?

Why look any further when Matterport has THE solution? And yes, the simple and effective solution to your problem is: virtual tour 3D !

Matterport? the company with the yellow and gray logo?

Matterport Montreal

(Old Matterport logo)

Yes and no ! Don't you know? The Matterport company has changed its logo! From now on it will no longer be this yellow and gray logo that you will see, but rather the red logo!

(New Matterport Logo)

And who says change also means other services and benefits!

This is what we will make you discover!

  • Who is Matterport?

Matterport is today a simple and effective marketing tool that saves you time and money! It is also :

  • A 3D scan made by a highly qualified professional
  • A commercial service available and at your disposal to meet your needs!
  • What is the concept of a 3D tour?

3D virtual tours powered by Matterport, allow buyers to move around a property as if they were actually there.

This option will allow you to bring your research to life and project yourself into this accommodation without having to move!

For a long time, 2D photos have been the staple of the industry, providing definitive value to agents, buyers and sellers.

For the simple reason that beautiful images of a house can spark interest and emotionally engage a potential buyer which means: speed up their decision!

They can also impress a seller who wants to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, which can get an agent advertised!

Our slogan ?

  • ?? Stunning real estate photos are only part of a successful equation for buyer and seller, the future is in 3D virtual tours ?? !
  • What are the advantages of a 3D visit for a room, a business or a house with Matterport?

By opting for the services of Panosphere360 you would benefit from the following advantages:

  • The possibility of attracting new customers by offering them an interactive virtual tour as well as photos
  • A virtual overview of your business
  • An increase in traffic to your website!
  • A Matterport virtual tour URL and HTML code for easy sharing and website integration
  • Wetransfer link to photos, videos and floor plans.
  • The virtual tour includes an interactive 360 tour, a floor plan and a view of the house in 3D!
  • A virtual reality viewing option with a compatible device (VR)!
  • A saving of time and money, because the option will avoid you having to organize open days or to travel to visit
  • Professional photos thanks to the technique ?? High dynamic range imaging?
  • Optimization of your presence on Google Maps
  • Possibility of integrating the 3D visit of your company on your Facebook page to attract more customers! 
  • An improvement in your local SEO
  • The representation of the atmosphere and the personality of your company by highlighting your strengths!

Did you know ?

Matterport integrated other services. Now you can add features and get precise measurements!

With just one scan, you can automatically create immersive 3D virtual tours, 4K photos with print quality, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, point clouds, videos and more!

Thanks to Matterport, you can also zoom and shrink the plan, view the 3D digital plan of your property from the outside, rotate it around any axis to see it from any perspective! This option will allow you to have a view of your entire space!

  • What are the different types of visit?

There are 3 types of tours, it all depends on your needs!

  • The Google virtual tour which is accompanied by a URL and an HTML code: This is an ideal option for traders who want to arouse the curiosity of people and make themselves known!
  • The virtual tour Matterport : A perfect tool for people who want to sell or buy real estate
  • The tailor-made virtual tour: This is a more complete and enriched virtual tour with a logo and a menu for a better user experience! A perfect option for large places such as hotels or restaurants for example!

Do you want to have an idea on the quality of the work?

No problem, you just have to consult the site: ! You will find all types of 3D tours there! Not to mention the sales department who is available to answer all your questions and help you make the right choices and the best price !

Do you live in Montreal or the South Shore of Montreal? Do you want to sell or buy a house? Do you want to showcase your business or your premises? Do not hesitate and call on the services of Matterport for a better value for money!