Photo 360 Facebook for business


360 photos now compatible with Facebook for business.

Photos have the power to connect people around the world, they are also one of the ways that editors, businesses and public figures can share their perspective with people on Facebook.

With the news feed content becoming more and more immersive, Facebook brings us an update that gives you a new way to engage your audience: 360 photos. Now you can view and post 360 photos on Facebook. Internet users will be able to discover these high-end 360 photos on your business page or directly in the news feed, where they can pan and explore your places by simply moving the phone or clicking and dragging on the web.

How to use 360 photos to post them on Facebook?

When you share your photo on Facebook, we convert it to a fully immersive 360 photo. You will simply have to add one of your 360 photos to Facebook as you would a regular photo. Then Facebook will give you the option to position the initial direction of your 360 image and voila!

To post a 360 photo on Facebook:

  1. At the top of your news feed or newspaper, click Photo / Video under Create a post
  2. Upload your 360 photo.
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over.
  4. Click on .
  5. Click on your photo and drag it to change the starting view.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Publish?

Why use 360 photos on Facebook?

Internet users on Facebook will be able to identify the "Post" 360 in the News feed using the 360 compass icon on the right of the photo or by the eye-catching motion effect of the 360 photo by moving your smartphone.

With 360 Photo for Business4, people will be able to explore and experience moments on Facebook as if they were actually there. Your audience will therefore be at the heart of the action.

Many companies are already experimenting and interested in new audiences with 360 ° photography. Google Street View photographer accredited since 2015 Panosphere 360 virtual tour is delighted to be the specialist in Quebec to help you continue to push the boundaries of immersive media through the creation of 360 content.

To learn more about 360 photos, check out our best practices and for editors visit: https://facebook360.fb.com/360-photos/

You can also find out more by contacting us directly here.

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