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1. What is a Google virtual tour?

Reply : Google virtual tours use the same technology as Google Street View, i.e. they are 360 ° panoramic photos, taken in high definition, which are linked together. This way, Internet users can discover your entire business and even zoom in where they want.


2. How will a Google virtual tour distinguish my business?

google-searchReply : With a Google virtual tour, your potential customers will now discover the interior of your business when they search on Google, Google + and Google Maps. For example, on Google Maps, they will no longer see just a red dot on a map, but a panoramic and interactive image in which they can move around and discover the atmosphere, the environment and the products of your business.

3. What is a Google partner?

Reply : The 5,000 Google Partners are online marketers. They stand out for their in-depth knowledge of Google products and their best practices in campaign management. By working directly with Google and passing a certification exam every year, Google partners have privileged access to training and the latest news about Google tools and products.

4. What is a Google Certified Photographer?

TrustedProBadge_French_Portrait_PetitReply : A licensed photographer is a self-employed person trained, assisted and certified by Google. Google thus ensures that it meets the quality standards for taking photos and panoramic images.

5. How should I prepare my business for the photoshoot?

Reply : Since the photos taken for the virtual tour are in high resolution, it is important to clean and prepare your business for the photoshoot. In short, the goal is to show your business at its best.

6. How long does a photo shoot take and how does it work?

Reply : Depending on the size of your business and the parts to include in your virtual tour, a photo shoot rarely takes more than two hours. Following the photoshoot, Panosphere 360 ° will help you maximize the visibility of your Google virtual tour.

7. How much does a Google virtual tour cost?


8. Are Google virtual tours compatible with mobiles and tablets?

Reply : Yes, whether in Google search results or via Google + and Google Maps, your Google virtual tour will be accessible via a mobile or tablet.

9. How to integrate a virtual tour on a website or Facebook?

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