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Real estate and virtual tours in 2022

Real estate and virtual tours in 2022
Real estate and virtual tours in 2022

Nearly 81% of marketers believe that interactive content engages viewers more effectively. To educate their audience, nearly 75% of marketers use interactive materials.  Instead of focusing on hard selling, interactive content combines authenticity and quality to help you stand out from other owners trying to sell.

In fact, the real estate virtual tour is one of the best forms of interactive content you can use to sell your property in 2022.  At the same time, virtual home tours can attract more potential buyers and give you an edge in the market. Are you still hesitating? Here are the benefits you can enjoy by offering guided tours online. Keep reading to learn more about how virtual tours can give you a head start in real estate.

1. Save valuable time

Listing a new property through conventional means can result in hundreds of phone calls from potential buyers. You will need to make in-person visits which may or may not result in a sale. Meeting each of these potential buyers in person can waste valuable time and energy. In many cases, some of these buyers are just curious. 

Often, curious buyers just visit different homes. They have no intention of making a purchase in person. Virtual home tours allow buyers to determine their interest. They can explore a property directly from their phone or laptop. If they are genuinely interested in the property, they may contact you for more information.

By encouraging potential buyers to explore your online tours first, you can determine who the real buyers are. You can then devote your time and attention to making those sales. 

2. Encourage interactions

Virtual home tours can improve your click-through rate and help drive more people to your site. Your ad's ranking in search engines like Google will improve if it has a better click-through rate. Virtual tours encourage visitors to interact with your material by allowing them to click and interact with it.

Visitors will navigate through your virtual property tours by clicking on them. They can also write comments on your articles and ask questions about the specific characteristics of each property during this period. A potential buyer, for example, will inquire about flooring and countertop materials.

Thereafter, you or your real estate agent will be able to react to it easily and quickly. These instant interactions will help you discover potential buyers. At the same time, you increase your listing's search engine rankings, allowing you to reach even more buyers.

3. Reduce bounces

A high bounce rate can negatively impact your search engine rankings. The bounce rate shows how many people leave the ad and how quickly. Adding virtual tours to your ad can boost engagement and click-through rate, which will reduce bounce rate.

Search engines like Google will recognize that the ad keeps visitors engaged and on the page. Google will prioritize your ad over those with a low click-through rate and high bounce rate. 

Most virtual tours last about a minute. This is an extra minute that you can devote to visiting your ad. As each visitor's visit time increases, your bounce rate decreases. 

4. Stand out from your competition with a virtual tour

Virtual tours offer several benefits that many real estate brokers are unaware of. Offering these tours in advance will give you a competitive advantage in the market. You can stand out by being one of the few people in your target location offering virtual tours. You'll pique the interest of potential buyers before they notice anyone else.

Your target market will appreciate the convenience you offer them. Instead of viewing another home in person, they'll prefer to review your virtual tours. By keeping this advantage, you can stay ahead of other sellers in your area. On the other hand, if you do not offer remote visits in 2022, you risk falling behind. When your competitors recognize these benefits, they will start offering online tours themselves. Get ahead and start attracting buyers to your property before your competition. 

5. Increase shares

Once your real estate agent has put your home online, you'll want to drive as much traffic to your listing as possible. Virtual home tours are eye-catching, engaging, and worth sharing. As people share your virtual tours, you'll receive a link back to your listing.

At the same time, you improve your ad authority, which can further improve your search engine rankings. The more backlinks you generate, the better it is for your rankings. You will then be able to attract more visitors to your ad and generate more interest!