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How virtual tours and e-commerce can help retail businesses standard

virtual tour for e-commerce businesses Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic on the main street is at an all-time low making it very difficult for retailers to attract the kind of traffic they are used to , especially during a critical season like the winter holidays. But, instead of trying to entice customers by simply lowering prices or staging massive sales, innovative companies around the world are using 3D virtual tours with e-commerce to reinvent or improve the shopping experience. Knowing how important the coming period is for retailers, here are five ways virtual tours can help save retail sales: Carry the...

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How to use Matterport measurement tools on mobile? standard

Open the virtual tour you want to measure. Click on the "Measure Mode" icon at the bottom left of the interface. Navigate to the area you want to measure. You can do this by clicking to navigate to the correct area, or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click the "+" icon in the center of the screen. This will open the measurement slider, which features our new "scope" - this allows you to make detailed measurements using precise zooming. Find the point where you want to start your measurement and double click to place your first measurement marker. Drag the line vertically or horizontally along the edge or corner you want ...

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How to host a virtual tour? standard

It really comes down to what you want to do with the panorama in terms of presentation. From your post it is obvious that you want HTML support for mobile devices. Are there a number of Panorama 360 hosting sites? free and paid which offer a range of services for panoramic photographers we use Montreal Web Hosting. The range of sites allows you to create tours, add multimedia, embed your panoramas / tours, publish on Google Earth and share via social media. The list is long and the features are suitable for almost any requirement. The question to ask yourself when choosing a site for your web hosting ...

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How to post a 360 photo on facebook standard

You can view a 360 photo from all angles, i.e. from above, below, behind and from the side. When you take a 360 photo, the field of view is automatically set to the center of the photo. To import a 360 photo: Open the Facebook app for iOS or Android. Tap Photo / Video at the top of your news feed or diary. Select your 360 photo. Select your audience, then tap Publish. To change the starting view of a 360 photo: Open the Facebook app for iOS or Android. Navigate to the 3D photo you want to edit. Tap the photo, and then drag it to the desired starting point. To turn off a 360 photo: You can choose to turn off 360 photos to display them as regular photos. ...

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Local target - Digital Marketing Montreal and South Shore standard

  Family Agenda - Web Marketing Agency: for better visibility of your business! Getting to know your business and what it does is not always easy. Here is how Cible Locale will help you in concrete terms. What are Cible Locale web pages? Cible Locale web pages are in tune with the times, and feature all new retroactive site technology. They adapt to the devices we all use: mobile phone, computer, or tablet. The concept is very simple, since our pages do not need to have a domain name! The web page in question can be used by your company as its main window, if you do not yet have a dedicated website. You already have a ...

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How to integrate a google virtual tour on a website (wordpress) standard

The virtual tour is now available online through your Google Local page and through the Google Street View service. You can now integrate it on your website by following these steps: 1. Open and Search for your business on Google Maps: https://www.google.ca/maps/ 2. Click on the "interior" tab which takes you into your Street View virtual tour. Once in your virtual tour, place the view in the angle at which you want the 360 image to be placed on your website. 3. At the top left of your screen, you will notice three small superimposed dots, Click and you will have the option to Share or embed the image. share or embed image 4. You will now have the choice of a link to your visit or Embed Image. 5. Once Embed Image is selected, I will ...

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