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Why is a Youtube video important for my SEO on the web?


Today, video marketing is a necessity of digital marketing. If you want your video to appear in YouTube search results, you need to work on it. People love to watch videos. Videos can help you sell your products and services. Every day, video consumption increases. As more and more videos are used, it becomes difficult to influence consumer purchases.


It is therefore very important to optimize the YouTube algorithm. A survey suggests that 46% of viewers actually purchased a product after watching a video on social media. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. Insatiable YouTube viewers are constantly watching videos and searching for videos.

Just like Google. Youtube is a search engine for a lot of information on the Internet, YouTube is essentially a search engine for videos. It uses an algorithm to present content to its users.

If you want to grab attention and rank your videos higher in YouTube search, uploading new content is extremely important. The videos you upload should have a lot of user engagement. In addition to engagement, the user's signal is also important. For YouTube to identify a video, the owner of the video must have entered it.


How to optimize a Video on youtube?

How you optimize your video during the first 48-72 hours of uploading is critical to the success of your video. If you do it right, your video could turn to the top.

Metadata isn't just important for content, it's also important for videos. Metadata includes information about a video, such as title, description, and tags. Metadata makes your video stand out and be found by the algorithm.

To create effective metadata, research your competition. See what kind of keywords they are using. When doing keyword research on YouTube, look for keywords that are likely to drive traffic to your video. YouTube also allows you to categorize your video by “tags”.


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