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360 Video Montreal

360 Video Montreal

Our capture and 360 video production in Montreal lets you bring the real world into virtual reality. It is a flexible medium, as it can be used to create immersive experiences, web content and 360 video content for social media and more. This content allows for stunning 360° video tours and can be viewed in a headset. virtual reality, for the most interactive experience, or on any modern mobile device, tablet or computer. 

360 video production
360 video production in Montreal

A state-of-the-art 360° video production service.

  • Immersive 360° videos
  • Stunning 8k stereoscopic visuals
  • 3D 360 Live Streaming
  • Immersive environments
  • Virtual reality
  • A variety of 360 applications
  • 360 content for your websites

Integration of virtual reality

Your 360° videos, motion graphics, animations and photographs can be integrated into software to add additional functionality and more uses on any device. This helps provide additional learning experiences, deliver information in a more interactive way, and deliver immersive experiences of your brand.

360 content for the web

360 video production can be integrated into your website, to get more out of your virtual reality content and reach a wider audience. With the development of virtual reality, interactive experiences can be created with various digital media, allowing you to deliver additional messages to your audience at specific points in their journey through your space, event, or other 360 content.

An immersive visual experience through 360 video that has been all the rage lately.

Google recently conducted an experiment in which it tested a 360 degree video ad against a standard format video ad. Both ads were unpromoted and unlisted, but had a measurable call-to-action at the end.

The results of this test were very interesting. 360 degree video did not perform well in terms of view rate. On the other hand, the click-through rate was much higher. Also, the video was more subscribed, shared and watched.

To be more precise, the number of views of the 360-degree video was 46 % higher than that of the standard video. People who watched the 360-degree video ad were also more likely to share it. Overall, 360 degree video was found to be more profitable. Its cost per view was significantly lower.

Your business can make the most of 360 degree video

Working with 360 degree video is not much different from working with standard video. The basics are the same: you need to focus on your main message and your target audience. Learn how to take advantage of the benefits of 360 video, but don't let it overwhelm you.

But, overall, 360 video is definitely something to watch in terms of video marketing. Although it is not suitable for all brands or product categories, it offers a multitude of advantages. It is therefore important enough to be, at the very least, considered a viable marketing tool for your business.

You can contact Panosphere 360 Virtual Tour Montreal for the production of 360 video To Montreal who has many years of experience in the field and an enviable reputation, to make a 360 degree video to promote your brand.

Shooting a good 360 degree video requires using the right camera and the right accessories to achieve the desired effect. Our team uses the 360 camera Insta360 pro 2 with 8K resolution. We also have the option of using the Insta360 TITAN 11k for higher budget productions. The latter strategically position many cameras that capture all the images at the same time, because they film simultaneously.

Montreal 360 video & virtual reality