What is a virtual tour?

3D real estate virtual tour

A Montreal virtual tour is a set of static or panoramic images, linked together, which give the user the possibility of moving around the image at will.  We can consider the virtual tour as an interactive photo, thanks to which it is possible to visit places, as if we were really in that place, without leaving our PC!

360 virtual tours are a great way for example to show the business to potential customers or partners who want to get an idea of who or what they will find in a store, to make a site or social profile, super effective , able to give even more information.

In addition, virtual tours can also be enjoyed with VR, making it even more like being inside this place.



Virtual tour: How to do it?

Virtual touring has become a very interesting technology, even for small and medium-sized businesses. Until a few years ago, you could only see a virtual tour on a few sites. Today, there are many more, especially because the technology has been improved and professionals can access materials at more affordable costs than a few years ago.

How to take a virtual tour?

To create a virtual tour of Montreal, you need a 360 ° camera, that is to say a device capable of taking an image of the entire environment that surrounds it, without having to rotate it. or change position. The better the equipment, the higher the quality of the end result. Not to mention that the experience and professionalism of the 360 Montreal photographer also play an important role in the success of image capture.

Once you have obtained the images of all the environments that you want to include in the tour, you must combine them to create the story. 

To do this, you can easily use the Google street view platform. It has a fairly rational use even if it is not easy to use and at the end of the process you will be able to upload your own virtual tour on google maps and street view so that you can use it to increase the visibility of the company .

Hire a 360 Montreal photographer 

Making your own virtual tour supposes having the right equipment and having the necessary knowledge to carry out the 360 ° photo report.

If you represent a business, the easiest way is to use the services of the 360 Montreal photographer available on the site https://visitevirtuellepanosphere360.com/.

After a first telephone conversation or a visit to your company, a personalized solution will be offered to you for your virtual visit: the spaces to be photographed as a priority, a time slot to carry out the report and some advice for fitting out your premises and making them more attractive. .

The Montreal virtual tour 360 for an online store, industry, institution, training center, etc. is the most concrete way to present your premises on the Internet.


What is a virtual tour?

What is a virtual tour?