Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer

Why offer a Google virtual tour to your business?

Google Street View now offers Internet users and mobile users the possibility of visiting the interiors of companies and online stores thanks to a google virtual tour and interactive local.

Just use Google Maps and with the virtual tour Montreal, and the visitor roams freely on the company's site.

Previously, you could already walk quickly virtually in cities thanks to Google street view. But now, we can go inside buildings, especially in businesses and online stores.

Benefits of the 360 Virtual Tour for Store Managers 

Are you the manager of a store point of sale in Montreal or its region and are you looking for a way to maximize your visibility on the web? You already have a website, you are registered on social networks, then it is not enough! 

A good way today to advertise online or simply to make your business known to the public is to create a 360 virtual tour and publish it on Google Street View. 

A professional 360 Montreal photographer takes care of producing your report and publishing it on street view or even on your website if you wish!

The main advantage of the 360 virtual tour is that it represents an exceptional and very easy to use online promotional tool. On your side, you have absolutely nothing to do, the photographer takes care of producing your 360 report from A to Z according to your desires or your needs.

Furthermore, the google virtual tour promotional is an inexpensive way to advertise online. Once you have paid for it, it remains online and permanently accessible free of charge any time of day or night. In other words, Internet users can visit your company, your shop, or your production site independently and virtually whenever they want!

Why hire a professional to create a Google virtual tour?

Of course, nothing prevents you from photographing your workspaces yourself and uploading them to Street View. But by trusting an approved photographer, you will benefit from a much higher quality. 

Think carefully, because poor quality or amateurish visuals will reflect negatively on your company's image… it's really something you must avoid when giving free access to these premises to tens of thousands of Internet users!

A Google Certified Professional 360 Photographer uses quality hardware and has enough experience to give your Google virtual tour the best it deserves!

Before carrying out the report, the photographer gives you an appointment to discuss your project and give you an estimate in order to conclude a mutual agreement.

Yes, the google virtual tour is a multimedia object that enhances your business by presenting it in an attractive and fun way!

Why offer a Google virtual tour to your business?
Why offer a Google virtual tour to your business?