Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer


Service of industrial virtual tour with Panosphere 360. Models accurate to 99.9 %, the camera Matterport 3D is ideal for capturing a digital 3D model of a built space. Whether creating simulations for construction or a series of models for visual documentation, Panosphere 360 offers the perfect service for capturing reality in these sectors. Faster and more comprehensive than 3D laser scanning. The Matterport Pro2 3D camera captures 2D photography and 3D data from sites and automatically embeds them into a comprehensive, immersive 3D model of the actual site. Take this model and share, annotate and export the point clouds to Autodesk® Revit®. Faster than 3D laser scanning, more comprehensive than handheld scanners.

Virtual tour service for architecture, engineering and construction firms:

Virtual tours of industrial facilities are an interesting alternative to corporate videos and Power Point presentations. Immersive 360-degree full-screen, high-definition media is an engaging experience that keeps a web visitor interested in your content and wanting more. Panosphere360 offers the 360 degree virtual tour service to convey your corporate message in a distinctive and powerful way. Our industrial virtual tours often turn out to be highly used content on our clients' websites.

Embedded hotspots can be included directly in tour images, linking to more information about available processes or services, or other unique features of your industrial environment.

An industrial virtual tour is the new way to show your company, your manufacturing plant or your infrastructure in a more immersive, emotional and realistic way. Cross-platform, interactive, VR-ready for your Italian business branch., interactive, VR-ready 3D virtual reality for your Canadian business.

Virtual Factory Tour