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Panosphere 360 Google Virtual Tour Montreal offers 360 photography service. Your business will get the opportunity to attract new customers by offering them an interactive virtual tours and photos of your business. Digital marketing tool accessible and adapted to the needs of local businesses, the Google virtual tour will become a reflection of your business on the web. It's an opportunity to open your doors, to distinguish yourself and to live up to what your customers are looking for.

  • Optimize your visibility on Google

  • Provide a virtual overview of your business

  • Improve your local SEO

  • Increase traffic on your website

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Search engines are, in fact, the main source of consumer information for their research on local businesses. With a Google virtual tour your 360 panoramic photos will appear, along with your information and a link to your website, in Google searches as well as on Google Maps.

Your customers will discover your business through 360 interactive pictures in which they can move and visit your premises as if they were there. Google virtual tours for businesses use the same technology as Google Street View, which is 360 panoramic photo, taken in high definition range (HDR 12K), that are linked together. In this way, users can discover all of your business and even zoom to the seats they want.

When searching for establishments, consumers use mapping products in 44% of cases. In addition, the cards offering photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to arouse the interest of consumers. (see study)

Matterport 3D virtual tour service

How many times during your real estate career have you found yourself losing potential customers due to lack of proximity?

Those who prefer not to rely on simple photos because they lack all the vital information that can only be obtained on the spot? Panosphere 360 ?? virtual tour is there to bring you a solution in Montreal and the surrounding area! We offer you the possibility of creating immersive Matterport 3D virtual reality experiences that will give your customers the impression of being there.


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With a Google virtual tour, your potential customers will now discover the inside of your business as they search for Google, Google+, and Google Maps. For example, on Google Maps, they will not only see a red dot on a map, but a panoramic and interactive image in which they can move and discover the atmosphere, environment and products of your business.

Whether in Google search results gold through Google + and Google Maps, your company virtual tour will be available via mobile gold tablet.

Enhance your web presence with a high-resolution, 360-degree virtual tour using Street View technology. Professional photo sessions are organized according to your schedule and photos are available on Google sites after only a few days.

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How panosphere 360 create Google Street View 360 virtual tour?

To create the virtual tour, are 360 photographer ?? use the software provided by Google and assemble 360 ?? photos by determining a route. Google is responsible for verifying that no one is identifiable on the images and that the images meet the quality standard set by the Google Street View Trusted program after which the 360 ?? virtual tour may be published.

The 360 photos are made using a fisheye lens and equipment made for panoramic photography and 360 image capture.

Once the virtual tour is online on Google it is easy to integrate it on its Facebook page gold on its website.

With more than 700 virtual visits since his formation of Google, Marc Durand Bréard is already one of the best Certified Professional Photographers of Google Street View in North America! Panosphere 360 ?? virtual tour is proud to count among its clientele a large number of well established companies in Montreal!

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Through this portfolio, a range of different achievements of Google virtual tours by Panosphere 360 ?? Certified Photographer Street View. You can visit our Facebook page for more examples

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