Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer

CHSLD and Seniors’ Homes of Laval

Virtual Visits for CHSLDs and Seniors’ Homes in Laval



Panosphere 360 recently produced immersive virtual tours for CHSLD and Seniors’ Homes of Laval, providing an enriched digital experience for residents, their families and caregivers. These tours allow you to explore the facilities in an interactive and realistic way, directly from a computer or mobile device.

In order to make these virtual tours as simple as possible, Panosphere 360 has designed user-friendly interfaces and interactive guides for smooth navigation and accessible to everyone, including people less comfortable with technology. virtual visit.

These virtual tours make it easier for residents to understand the environment, help families in the decision-making process, and are particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. They also allow staff to highlight the services and infrastructure of establishments in a 360 virtual tour.

With this project, Panosphere 360 continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life of seniors, by offering modern and accessible technological solutions. For more information, visit our website at Panosphere 360.