Photographer 360

Photographer 360

Are you looking for a 360 photographer in the Montreal area?

Panosphere360 combines the power of Matterport 3D and the unparalleled visibility offered by virtual tour Google. Based on the principle of the virtual visit, it is a solution proposed by a photographer 360 which allows professionals and their clients to benefit from optimized transparency and increased precision during their respective searches.


Panosphere: a 360 photographer for your virtual visit

Indeed, businesses and real estate there enjoy a particularly sharp and innovative prospecting method. And for its part, the general public benefits from a more concrete perception of the offers to identify the one that best meets their needs. This new approach to virtual tour technology is the work of Marc Durand Bréard, who is a professional 360 photographer certified by Google and a specialist in multichannel SEO, as well as digital marketing.

Marc Durand Bréard: certified 360 photographer and Google partner

The long journey of Marc Durand Bréard in the digital marketing and web referencing sector has nurtured his solid expertise. It has thus enabled many professionals in Montreal to maximize their visibility on the internet for several years. However, this e-marketing specialist has also discovered a deep passion for shooting techniques thanks to his attraction to new technologies. This notably led him to train with Google as a photographer 360. Moreover, the web giant awarded it certification in 2014 and continues to this day to support it in ensuring that its photographs and panoramic images meet the most demanding quality standards.

In addition to being among the best 360 photographers professionals approved by Google Street View, the creator of Panosphere is also one of the 5000 privileged partners of the most powerful search engine. The latter notably provides him with continuous training so that he can master each of his products and new products. Marc Durand Bréard combines all of his achievements in this marketing tool which gives another dimension to interactive virtual tours.

These visual formats allow businesses to attract more clients and ensure that real estate professionals are contacted by people who are more likely to buy. On the other hand, this 360 photographer makes sure to always offer the best possible service and already has more than 1000 virtual tours in Montreal. Indeed, it makes a point of honor to satisfy its customers in Quebec.

Photographer 360

Photographer 360 virtual visit google Street View summit 2019 - conference virtual visit Matterport 3D

Panosphere: fruit of the talent of a 360 photographer and the expertise of a local SEO specialist

Panosphere offers innovative services that allow merchants and businesses to be closer to their prospects. Indeed, thanks to the referencing of virtual tours on Google, they will be able to benefit from more precise answers to their requests. Thus, the results of their research will include maps on which they can discover the interior of the premises, but also the products that are offered there.

The interactive format of images and virtual tours taken by the photographer 360 also provides an immersive dimension to encounters. This is explained by the fact that the customer can travel there according to his desires to discover the atmosphere and the specificities of the brand from every angle.

Virtual tours developed by the photographer 360 are particularly suited to arouse the interest of local consumers. Indeed, the latter usually have as a reflex to carry out preliminary research on the web to find the answer to their needs. By offering a digital overview of their establishments and their products, professionals will undoubtedly increase their presence on the Internet and their notoriety in their respective sectors of activity.

A 360 photographer offers a practical and innovative vision to the Quebec real estate market

For real estate brokers and their potential buyers, virtual tours designed by photographer 360 provide multiple benefits. In particular, they save a lot of time for each part. Indeed, the panoramic shooting method operated with a camera Matterport3D offers a high level of realism while eliminating angles. Thus, Internet users can precisely discover all the smallest details of the pieces and move freely between each of them. Moreover, if the concept allows a visitor to be immersed in an existing environment, it can also provide a better projection in the accommodation which is under construction.

In addition, this technology is able to offer an overview thanks to a full scan carried out by the photographer 360. The exterior of the properties can also be discovered on a virtual tour to complete the sales arguments. As a result, this solution becomes a time-saving alternative, as the broker and the client no longer have to travel for the preliminary visit. Also, the appointments fixed downstream will generally testify to the particular interest that the person has in a housing that he already knows inside out. The realization of the purchase is therefore more certain and faster. Real estate brokers and individuals looking for a property are thus exempted from disappointing physical visits and multiple appointments without follow-up.

A 360 photographer who quickly sets up your virtual tours

Among others, the solution proposed by the photographer 360 Marc Durand Bréard differs from other virtual tours by the optimal referencing of its customers on Google and the local area. Both traditional shops and shops that already have a website benefit from many advantages. In addition, the images benefit from unequaled quality and the interactive tours are sublimated by the combined powers of the 3d technology and the Google Street View tool to offer a surprising discovery of the places.

Moreover, the entire service is very quick to complete. Indeed, the shooting session carried out by the 360 photographer lasts only 2 hours on average. Then, the possible post-treatments are very rare because of the quality of the camera used and the excellent know-how of the photographer 360. It only remains then to integrate the photos 360 to the app to get the perfect virtual tour. Matterport Montreal also offers a set of services including an interactive discovery, a floor plan and a 3D view of the premises. As an option, you can even use VR equipment to enjoy the result in virtual reality. In addition, it can be integrated into a website or shared on social networks via a simple link.

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