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What is a virtual tour? standard

virtual tour real estate 3D A Montreal virtual tour is a set of static or panoramic images, linked together, which give the user the possibility of moving around within the image at will. We can consider the virtual tour as an interactive photo, thanks to which it is possible to visit places, as if we were really in this place, without leaving our PC! 360 virtual tours are a great way to, for example, show the business to potential customers or partners who want to get an idea of who or what they will find in a store, to make a site or social profile, super effective , able to give even more information. In addition, virtual tours can also be...

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How to host a virtual tour? standard

It really comes down to what you want to do with the panorama in terms of presentation. From your post it is obvious that you want HTML support for mobile devices. Are there a number of Panorama 360 hosting sites? free and paid which offer a range of services for panoramic photographers we use Montreal Web Hosting. The range of sites allows you to create tours, add multimedia, embed your panoramas / tours, publish on Google Earth and share via social media. The list is long and the features are suitable for almost any requirement. The question to ask yourself when choosing a site for your web hosting ...

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New Matterport logo standard

Are you an agent or a future real estate buyer? Do you want to be able to visit the house or apartment without having to move? Are you a busy salesperson who doesn't have time to show visitors your house or apartment? This represents for you a weak point and a drawback which delays the sale of your property? Are you in Montreal and you want to be able to find a marketing strategy that will make life easier for everyone: real estate agent, seller and buyer? A strategy that will save you time and showcase your property? Why look any further when Matterport has THE solution? And yes, the simple and effective solution to your problem ...

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