Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer

Marc Duarand Bréard Certified Photographer for Google Street View virtual tours

Serving local businesses

The visibility and the future of local businesses have always interested me.

Having grown up in a company specializing in web marketing, I have been helping companies in Montreal and the surrounding area to optimize their presence on the web for several years.

Being a specialist in digital marketing and in SEO web, I am on the lookout for new products and tools to perform on the web. Panosphere 360, it is the culmination of my passion for new technologies and my expertise in local SEO.

THE google virtual tours And Matterport, offered by Panosphere 360, are a powerful and accessible local marketing tool to improve the visibility of local businesses on the web.

Google Certified Photographer since 2014, Panosphere 360 is now one of the 10 “Best Professionals”.

virtual tour photographer

Marc Durand Bréard, 360 photographer

I am a photographer specializing in virtual visit and I offer professional Google 360 degree photography services for business, capturing matterport 3d virtual tour for real estate brokers and the creation of tailor-made virtual tours for more complex needs.

I made more than 1000 virtual tours for all types of businesses. I love my job, I always provide the best possible service and my clients are always satisfied! Do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to discuss with you the virtual tour you have in mind.

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