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Virtual visit museum

Virtual Museum Tour: a new way to visit a museum in Canada

Need a photographer to perform the virtual visit of your museum? Our virtual museum tours allow museums to offer their visitors a 360 degree virtual tour of their museum, where visitors have the opportunity to access a variety of ancient artifacts and additional archival photo galleries of the museum, giving them a sense of immersion in the museum and its essence, all with their own computer or mobile device.

Bring your museum to life with our 360 virtual tours!

There 3d virtual tour is a new trend used by the real estate sector, the tourism as well as other business ventures. Customers can tour a place as if they were there, while staying at home. It is also a good option for museum visits, especially in this time of a pandemic. Why not visit Montreal's museums differently?

A complete visit to the heart of a museum

There museum virtual tour allows you to discover the exterior and the interior of the place. The visitor can walk around the museum using the video 360°. The 360° visit capture service for museums allows you to live in a real way by being in this place. You can scroll through the images, zoom them and visit all the rooms in a museum. This system has great advantages since Internet users from all over the world can discover the museum. Like many of museums in Montreal which have closed their doors t since confinement, it is now possible to take a virtual tour of Montreal. Nothing better to have a good time at home and develop your cultural knowledge by watching a 360 ° video.

The benefits of a 360 virtual tour for a museum

A virtual visit saves time, it also allows you less expense since you do not need to move. It is at the same time enriching and allows you to know the history of yesteryear. It's a better way to teach today's generation about the great stories that museums abound. With the museum virtual tour, the user can watch only what interests him. This technological innovation allows companies of all kinds to seduce Internet users. It is mainly used by sales companies to increase leads and stand out on the internet. This is one of the most popular ways for companies to get more visits to their sites. 

Montreal: a region rich in museums

Montreal is a place that has several historical museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, THE McCord museum, THE Planetarium and many others. For those who will not be able to come on site to visit these highly historic places, the virtual museum visit is your solution. You can choose the place to visit and walk around it as if you were really there. Montreal museums are still accessible without having to open their doors during this time of confinement. Visiting a museum allows you to know the stories of yesteryear, it is an original moment that you can share with your family.

Panosphere 360°: the best virtual museum visit reference in Quebec

Panosphere 360 is a professional in the virtual visit. This company has already collaborated with various big name companies for a virtual tour service. For a Montreal museum virtual tour, Panosphere 360 puts its expertise at the service of museums and their visitors. Make way for the virtual museum tour with Panosphere 360 virtual tour Matterport 3D, you can find yourself in one of Montreal's great museums with the help of a 3D tour. Museum recordings allow you to travel to Montreal for a dynamic and real visit.