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Matterport Pro3 3D Camera Review standard

The new Pro3 3D camera from Matterport is of high quality and is perfect for 3d scanning large spaces. The latest version of Matterport Pro 3 camera, has struck the right balance between quality and ease of use. During our review, we tested imaging small rooms, large spaces and everything in between to get a full rundown of what to expect – here's what the Matterport Montreal team came up with. In our testing, we found the Matterport Pro3 to be incredibly easy to use, while producing impressive results. We recommend it to anyone who wants to start 3D imaging or those who have some experience. ...

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How to prepare well before capturing a virtual tour standard

Our 360 cameras “see” everything and capture reality as it is. It is your responsibility to be very diligent and ensure that the entire captured area is presented in its best light. Please prepare the location for the virtual tour technician's arrival by following the checklist below. INTERIOR PREPARATION FOR THE VIRTUAL TOUR Doors leading between areas of interest should remain open for the virtual tour, all other doors should be closed. Turn on ALL interior lights including lamps, under counter lights and stove lights. Replace burnt out bulbs. Open all curtains and blinds on windows with a good view. If the ...

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