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Matterport Launches AI Features to Revolutionize Property Management

Matterport announces its new suite of features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), marking a significant advancement in the way properties are analyzed and managed through automation.

Since its inception, Matterport has sought to transform the remote spatial experience, quickly establishing its digital twin technology as a benchmark in real estate marketing. Today, Matterport enriches its platform with intelligent features for better understanding and management of properties across various industries.

Matterport Real Estate Intelligence available to everyone

Matterport Real Estate Intelligence automates the generation of detailed property information, saving time and money. This collection of features allows users to instantly access crucial property information, such as area measurements or room dimensions, making it easier to insert data into MLS systems.

New: Showcase Plugins and Schematic Floor Plans

Matterport also introduces Showcase plugins, enhancing the experience of navigating 3D spaces with tools such as Minimap, Compass, Business Card, and Quick Link. Additionally, improvements to schematic floor plans now offer more customization options, including color and the ability to add furniture.

Example floor plan Matterport 2024

CAD file extension now available

The add-on CAD file from Matterport, which converts digital twin point clouds into 2D plans ready for AutoCAD, is now available, providing an alternative to tedious manual documentation and repeated on-site visits by photographers. Matterport Montreal.

autoCAD Matterport 3D