Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer

School virtual tour

You are the manager of a school, a primary school, a secondary school, A college, A cegep or a university ? Do you want to be able to allow the whole world to have a glimpse of what you make available to them?  To provide a real, quality and internationally available overview, we offer our virtual tour service for your school.

A more than realistic virtual tour:

Thanks to us, you will be able to allow the whole world to have a very realistic overview of your establishment. Indeed, we call on professionals in the field to allow you to have more than realistic images and photos. All taken in 360°, the preview that you can offer to the general public will be of almost exceptional quality. The virtual tours we offer are so realistic that your visitors could confuse them with real tours because everything is complete. They will have the chance to zoom in, admire all the design details of your dear school and all this with a simple click.

Virtual Open House:

By using our services, know that you will also be able to open up much more easily internationally. Indeed, even if you already offer this kind of service for foreign students, it is not always easy for them to pay a visit when they will not even be sure to like it. Fortunately, thanks to our virtual visit services, you will be able to show the public around the world your establishment and your premises. What's more, you should know that we will be able to cover the entire establishment perfectly. Through classrooms, common rooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc. Thanks to us, the whole world will be able to see what your establishment looks like. Which will also help you to have a lot more membership.