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AI Improvements for Digital Twins: Matterport 3D Beta

On October 16, 2023, the Matterport company, a pioneer in creating digital twins for buildings and spaces, has announced major improvements using artificial intelligence. These advances promise to transform how we view and use digital twins, particularly in real estate.

Matterport: A revolution in the real estate sector

More than a decade ago, Matterport made creating 3D digital twins easier for everyone, with an automated solution powered by artificial intelligence. This innovation has enabled the creation of thousands of digital twins every day, without human intervention. Today, Matterport is preparing to launch the next generation of intelligent digital twins.

As the leading digital twin platform for 3D tours in Montreal, Matterport strives to continually improve its services to meet the needs of buyers, marketers and property managers. The next generation of digital twins introduces never-before-seen AI-driven capabilities to provide even more insights and analytics.

New features to discover:

  1. Automated Measurements : Room dimensions, soon including ceiling heights, are automatically labeled when creating a digital twin.
  2. Instant Dispositions : Immediately visualize the layout of your property in 2D or 3D, with labeled room names, wall segments, etc.
  3. Personalization : Edit each room by adjusting walls, openings and names with one easy-to-use tool.
  4. Automated Property Reports : Get a detailed account of each space, with room-by-room dimensions and data MLS.

The company invites everyone to sign up for this beta program to experience these new features first and help improve them.


  • Who is this beta program for? Matterport believes that every successful project starts with a digital twin. With these enhancements, users can save up to ten hours per model by automating certain tasks and reducing manual intervention.
  • Do these new features only apply to new digital twins? No, it is possible to reprocess an existing digital twin to test new features. However, this will require reconfiguring some user-added information.
  • Are these new features available to users with traditional SaaS plans? No. Only those who sign up for the beta and are subscribed to one of the mentioned plans can test these new features.
  • How will these features be deployed? Currently in beta testing, these features will be refined and improved based on user feedback over the coming months.
  • Why is Matterport investing in this area? A large amount of data is created every day, but much of it goes unused. Matterport sees an opportunity to turn this data into valuable insights for the real estate industry. By connecting digital twins to a decade of real estate data, Matterport hopes to provide accurate and comprehensive information previously only accessible through manual inspections.

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