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Virtual tour and 3D scanning for construction

Virtual tour and 3D scan for architects, engineers and construction

Based in Montreal and operating everywhere in Quebec, Panosphere 360, in partnership with Matterport Montreal, revolutionizes the building sector thanks to its solutions 3D scanning and virtual tours. Our services, adapted to architects, engineers And building professionals, transform the design, planning and execution of projects. Find out how our lidar technology advanced optimizes project management and increases efficiency across the province.

Why choose our 3D Scan service?

  • Unparalleled Precision: Capture every detail of your project with exceptional fidelity and precision, enabling flawless planning and execution.
  • Saving time and money: Identify and resolve issues before they arise, reducing unexpected costs and project delays.
  • Improved Collaboration: Easily share interactive 3D models with all project stakeholders, anywhere, for unprecedented communication and collaboration

Our technologies and file formats for a 3D scan

We use Matterport's cutting-edge technology to offer a full range of services and file formats tailored to your specific needs:

  • MatterPak™ (OBJ, XYZ): Ideal for 3D modeling and precise site measurements.
  • TruePlan™ for Xactimate® (SKX): Optimize cost estimates and resource planning.
  • BIM files (RVT, DWG): Direct integration into your workflows BIM for effective project management.
  • E57 file (E57): For complete documentation and detailed analysis of the site.
  • Schematic Level Plan (PDF, SVG, PNG): Simplify the visualization of floor plans and facilitate communication between teams.
  • CAD file (DWG): Precision and flexibility for your computer-aided design needs.
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Maximize the efficiency of your construction projects with 3D scanning

The adoption of technology virtual visit and of 3D scanning fundamentally transforms working methods in the hospitality sectorarchitecture, of the'engineering, and some construction. By allowing a immersive visualization and detailed projects even before construction begins, our services facilitate more precise planning, reduce the risk ofcostly mistakes and significantly improve the communication between all stakeholders. Whether for the initial design, THE progress monitoring work or change management during the project, our tools offer flexibility and an precision unmatched. By integrating our virtual tours And 3D scans in your processes, you not only ensure better resource management but also a optimization of deadlines And budgets. Our solutions personalized adapt to each phase of your project, guaranteeing added value at each step. Find out how our services Site supervision can help you stay one step ahead in carrying out your projects

Start the digital transformation of your construction sites today! 

Ready to revolutionize your projects with the virtual tour and 3D scanning of your construction site? At the house of Panosphere 360, we make efficiency and precision a reality. Discover our innovative 3D solutions. Contact us now and bring your building visions to life.

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