creation of 3D virtual tours

As a seller or real estate agent, you know how crucial the experience of the visit is in the decision of the potential buyer. It is in this state of mind that a practice is increasingly appreciated: the creation of 3D virtual tours. Zoom on these immersive real estate tours in this article.

A 3D tour that promotes the purchase of real estate

3D virtual tours in 2022 offer both an interactive and immersive experience, allowing the buyer to get a clear idea of the house or apartment. It is particularly useful for visiting the property before visiting it in person, in order to reinforce the potential buyer and save time by limiting actual unsuccessful visits.

In the real estate market, it is not uncommon to visit a property only to be disappointed because the house or apartment does not correspond to the photos. Indeed, a photo can be misleading, depending on the perspectives and fixed angles of view. 

Conversely, a virtual tour allows buyers to discover the real layout of the property before visiting it in person: the potential buyers who visit the property will be qualified prospects and much more motivated buyers.

3D virtual tour: a marketing advantage

By giving potential buyers the opportunity to virtually visit the property before the first contact, your ad is viewed on average twice as much as a classic ad with photos. In real estate, as in all areas related to sales, visuals and immersion are now what work best: the prospect needs to project himself into his purchase.

So, if more people see and interact with your ad, you gain more exposure and are more likely to attract multiple offers. Finally, a 3D virtual tour could be a good way to increase the selling price.