Marc Durand Bréard – Google Certified Photographer

Visiting a property virtually, very practical in these times of Covid-19

The current pandemic of Covid-19 prevented the process of selling or buying thousands of properties in Quebec. It's not over yet and that's why players in the real estate sector have chosen to use virtual tours so that transactions can still be made. A virtual visit allows potential buyers to discover a property without physically being there. It therefore reveals all the parts of a property and allows it to be evaluated online.

At the house of Panosphere 360, we offer the service of physically presenting real estate for sale. This new way of presenting a property will help you reach more people. Potential buyers will be enthusiastic about this idea, because it won't take them a lot of time. They can visit several properties in an hour.

The perspectives offered by a virtual visit:

Visitors will be able to see the property presented in different ways. They will have many angles on which to assess the good. A virtual tour offers the option of seeing the property in a 3D plan. In this way, it will be easy to see the layout of the different rooms in the house. This overview will allow the buyer to identify if the general shape of the house suits him.

There real estate virtual tour of a house for sale will also give visitors the opportunity to dwell on any details that interest them. They will be able to zoom in on a part of the house and look at it from different angles. Here, it is up to the visitors to decide whether to stop the visit. They can comb through everything in an easier way. This also benefits sellers, because visitors will be able to realize all the qualities of a property. Virtual visits can be done with the family. Each member of the family will therefore be able to give their opinion on the positive and negative points of the property. Potential buyers will therefore be able to project themselves very well.

A virtual tour Matterport does not only give the possibility of discovering the interior of a property. One of its options allows you to see the exterior appearance of the house. It is therefore a complete visit option that will highlight all aspects of a property for sale.

Very appropriate for the current context:

People today would happily avoid contact as long as there are other options. It turns out that a virtual tour allows those looking for real estate to discover an interesting property from the comfort of their home. Sellers who offer this option will therefore have an advantage over those who do not. There real estate virtual tour can be a real X factor in the race to sell real estate.